CEO of the Year

Veteran executive's company has quietly become one of the Canadian tech sector’s biggest success stories in his fifth year on the job. 
With his firm developing new satellite technology that could revolutionize the way the internet is delivered, Telesat chief executive Dan Goldberg is finally getting the recognition he deserves
In his well-established Ottawa firm's 50th year, Dan Goldberg is raising the bar for Telesat with an ambitious new satellite project
Of the multitude of extra-curricular activities Bruce Linton engaged in as a student at Carleton University, smoking pot wasn’t one of them.
When Kevin Ford was appointed the CEO of Calian Group, it was his first foray into the C-suite.
If it’s possible to sum up a person’s essence in a single image, Sandra Cote just might have done it with her photo of Kevin Ford.
After leading one of Ottawa’s largest publicly traded corporations through a string of acquisitions, its largest contract win in its 35-year history and a record $275 million in revenues
Eight years ago, David Ross decided he needed to do something dramatic to shake his company out of the doldrums.