Augmented Reality

After long touting augmented reality as the future of commerce, Ottawa-based Shopify is hoping to make good on its word this week, pushing AR capabilities for merchants with the latest version of i
To consumers, augmented and mixed reality applications often take the form of visually rich playgrounds or immersive gaming.
The Ottawa Champions will share the field with some virtual competition at RCGT Park this week thanks to a new partnership with an app developer.
Canada's augmented and virtual reality industries are in "desperate" need of homegrown investors to keep profits from seeping across the border and overseas, said some of the country's top innovato
Enough talk of Amazon and Shopify: Gatineau’s SMITH dropped by Techopia Live
Apple's iPhone may be ready for its next big act as a springboard into "augmented reality," a technology that projects life-like images into real-world settings viewed through a screen.
The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corp.