Startups looking to improve broadband access for remote and rural communities in northern Ontario could soon receive funding from an Ottawa-based organization
As Huawei’s Canadian operations come under increasing scrutiny amid an international brouhaha, the Chinese firm’s Ottawa-based research partners are adopting a holding pattern until the political…
Before the arrest of Huawei Technologies' chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver last weekend, the Chinese company wasn't a household name in Canada – certainly not in the leag
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The quest to find a new home for the internet in Ottawa has reached a satisfying conclusion
Huawei’s global sales continued to climb in the first half of the year even as concerns about the smartphone maker’s links to the Chinese government permeated security discussions around the world
Kanata-based division of Chinese telecom giant says it works ‘openly and transparently’ with Canadian operators and the federal government
Meanwhile, Ritch Dusome is replaced as CENGN chief executive
CENGN aims to facilitate the commercialization of next-generation networks such as 5G connectivity.
CENGN president and CEO Ritch Dusome and Nokia's vice-president of mobile strategy Rob Cameron took the orange seats this week to talk about the activity in Ottawa surrounding next-generation…