Communities across Ontario watching for or actively grappling with flood conditions reported cautious progress on Tuesday even as they braced for a fresh wave of precipitation this week.
Water levels along the Ottawa River are expected to peak in the coming days, even as the region prepares to receive more rain, forecasters say.
An interprovincial bridge between Ottawa and Gatineau remain closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists Monday morning as water continues to rise with peaks not expected along the Ottaw
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has declared a state of emergency over flooding along the Ottawa River and other waterways.
More than 600 Canadian soldiers have fanned out across Quebec, including parts of the National Capital Region, filling and stacking sandbags as officials warn that flood waters are likely
With spring around the corner, the city says it’s stockpiled some 100,000 sandbags and created a special task force to respond to flooding risks.
The Insurance Bureau of Canada has placed a price tag on some of the damage caused by a pair of storms that hit eastern Ontario and southwestern Quebec this spring.
The increasing number and intensity of natural disasters in Canada pushed the federal government's bills for federal help to $360 million a year since 2011 – three times what the annual cost was in
Flood updates dominated city council on Wednesday as officials transition from delivering sandbags to removing debris.
The federal government asked local bureaucrats who work in Gatineau or normally commute across interprovincial bridges to stay home Monday as the region grapples with flooding.