Patrick Houston knows all too well how quickly fate can deliver a knockout punch to a promising public company. 
Mr. Amell is also the CEO of Catalyst International Ltd., a management consulting firm that has worked with companies such as Ericsson and Honeywell.
DragonWave joins the Transform-X family with an ‘-X’ of its own
Transform-X intends to retain “substantially all” of DragonWave’s roughly 135 employees.
Embattled telecom firm DragonWave will be delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange at the end of this month, the company announced Tuesday, a day after a court-appointed receiver took over control
NASDAQ is scheduled to start the process of delisting the shares of the Ottawa-based company on Monday.
As its losses continue to mount, Ottawa telecom firm DragonWave (TSX: DRWI
Despite today’s surge to $1.64 a shere, the company’s stock price are still well off the 52-week high of $8.82.
Ottawa firm’s shares dip below dollar for first time following 2017 earnings
Kanata tech firm DragonWave says it plans to ask for more time to get back into compliance with NASDAQ rules after the company failed to meet an April 17 deadline to adhere to the U.S.