Housing starts

Housing starts in Ottawa-Gatineau fell 20 per cent in June compared with a year earlier, thanks to a decline in new builds of pricier single-detached homes on the Ottawa side of the river
Fuelled by a wave of apartment construction, housing starts in Gatineau hit a 50-year high in May as builders in the National Capital Region continued to launch new projects at a torrid p
Housing starts in Ottawa-Gatineau were up 52 per cent in April over the same period last year, driven by a flurry of apartment, condo and townhouse builds on the Quebec side of the river.
A surge in the construction of rental units on the Quebec side of the river fuelled a 63 per cent jump in year-over-year housing starts in Ottawa-Gatineau, the Canada Mortgage and Housing
Ottawa is projected to see steady growth in 2019 housing starts while homebuilders in other major Canadian cities are expected to ease off the gas, according to a new analysis of the coun
Homebuilders in Ottawa-Gatineau kicked into high gear last month in an apparent effort to meet pent-up demand, starting work on 814 new properties ​– a year-over-year increase of nearly 470 per cen
Ottawa-Gatineau builders had so many ongoing projects heading into 2019 that few resources remained to start new builds – thereby driving down the number of local housing starts in Januar
While the National Capital Region finished 2018 trending down on housing starts, data from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp.
Despite a flurry of building on the Gatineau side of the river, a lag in new projects in Ottawa led to a slowdown in November housing starts.
Homebuilders in the National Capital Region collectively slowed their activity in September, with housing starts down slightly from the same month last year, according to figures released by the Ca