Forty Under 40 Awards

City's top young business achievers of 2020 honoured in one-hour special on Rogers TV.
Ottawa Stronger Together airs on YouTube and Rogers television on Thursday, June 25 at 8 p.m.
Josée Brisson, Brad Ezard, Justin Ferns, Daniel Mackinnon, Brian Rogic, Caitlin Schwartz and Michelle Weger are among this year's recipients.
Solon Angel, Graeme Barlow, Erin Blaskie, Jeremy Francis, Alex Gray, Shan Gu, Nathan Hall, Amanda Holtstrom, Hesam Mahdavi, Michael McNaught and Shawna Tregunna are among this year's recipients.
Brandon Bignell, Neha D'Souza, Bree Jamieson-Holloway, Chase Irwin, Simon Lavigne, Jennifer Teoh and Jamison Young are among this year's recipients.
André Grzela, Andrew Scott, Jennifer Welsh, Monica Kunstadt-Landon, Ricardo Evangelho and Tara Barnes are among this year's recipients.
Anna Keller, Katharine Im-Jenkins, Melissa McGuirk McNeil, Patrick Nadeau and Sasha Suda of the National Gallery of Canada are among this year's recipients.
PCL's David Coyle, Jessica Greenberg of Osgoode Properties, Ashley Hopkins of Paradigm Properties and Hussein Valji of H&N Hospitality among this year's recipients.
Annual awards take on special significance amid COVID-19
The search is on again for the next cohort of young business leaders making a difference and building companies in the National Capital Region.