OC Transpo

Many councillors expressed frustration over the tight timeline needed to approve the $4.66 billion in contracts for LRT's second phase
“I am happy to be wrong, but I am highly skeptical that they’re going to achieve March 31,” said transit boss John Manconi
The TSB will lend its engineering expertise to help with collision reconstruction as well as vehicle and road design analysis
The federal government faces questions about its plan to increase safety on commercial buses following last week's deadly crash in Ottawa
City officials say the busy transportation corridor has reopened ahead of Monday morning’s commute
A specific day for revenue service availability – a date already pushed back multiple times – was not provided
Chris Swail, the director of O-Train planning, says the new council won’t be able to tackle the LRT contract until early 2019
From in-station stores to downtown restaurants, John Manconi says LRT will open up opportunities for businesses of all kinds
In an attempt to give transit services better status updates on their own bus routes, uOttawa researchers are leveraging analytics from a local startup’s technology
Issues were either with the system itself, its timing or the bus’s onboard speakers.