OC Transpo

Longtime city employee became a familiar face as he oversaw construction of the $2.1-billion Confederation Line.
Line will be closed completely on June 21 and will operate only between Blair Station and the University of Ottawa from June 22-24.
A new underground tunnel in downtown Ottawa for electric trams could be part of a plan to expand transit service.
The Confederation LRT Line is being closed for maintenance this weekend and during another five-day stretch later in May.
Many transit riders in Ottawa were left out in the cold during a heavy snowstorm after serious power issues on the city's light-rail system slowed service to a snail's pace Thursday
The City of Ottawa opened applications Monday for performers interested in entertaining riders along the LRT line – a gig that won’t leave buskers pinching pennies to break even on the permit
Ottawa city hall's top bureaucrat has told elected officials that he's ready to take the blame if councillors want someone's head to roll over ongoing troubles with the city's light-rail system
Riders on Ottawa’s problem-plagued light-rail system are having another rough morning, with the OC Transpo saying only eight of the usual 13 trains on the line are in service Tuesday
Ottawa Tourism pilot project aims to encourage out-of-town delegates to explore more of the capital
OC Transpo’s emergency rollout of buses that are idling at a city-owned ballpark in case the LRT breaks down is expected to cost taxpayers $95,000 a week