The dust has settled: Where do we stand?
Goods imported into Canada from the United States or elsewhere may be subject to duties or tariff rate quotas (“TRQs”).
The 2018 federal budget brought much needed peace of mind to the private business community.
Some observers say Canadian policy-makers will feel pressure to respond, either by reducing corporate rates or using other policy tools to make the country a more attractive investment destination.
The changes are designed to make it more difficult for owners to share their income with relatives who do not make significant contributions to their companies.
Motion runs counter to Mayor Jim Watson’s pledge to cap increases to 2%
During Small Business Week (Oct. 15 to 21), the federal government released an outline of its response to the over 21,000 submissions it received during the consultation period concerning the July
Move aims to water down Morneau's proposal on passive-investment income, so that only three per cent of the "most-wealthy" privately owned corporations will have to pay higher taxes.
The prime minister is to announce the reduction Monday, along with some changes to the tax reform proposals.
Business leaders sent new letters to the federal government insisting the proposed tax changes, which the Liberals have said are aimed at creating more fairness in the system, will cause considerable…