Should hard-hit merchants be compensated when construction projects decimate their business?
Manor Park Management's new plan calls for two 30-storey towers as well as another 20-storey highrise and an eight-storey building with a total of 870 residential suites.
Enhanced online shopping options, 'takeout' service helps popular Vanier retailer stay engaged with customers.
Organizers plan to deliver packages — including four-course gourmet dinner for two from Beckta — to people's homes on Saturday, Nov. 28
Project located on site of former gas station, Eastview Shopping Centre
Property was previously home to a motel that was demolished late last year.
As the $50M overhaul of Montreal Road gets underway, business leaders are looking ahead at how the major revitalization project can attract new businesses, shoppers and residents to Vanier
Ottawa businessman Maher Arar is hoping a focus on the fundamentals will bring like-minded entrepreneurs to his new coworking space in Vanier – a neighbourhood he believes is forging a ne
The city’s planning committee approved the Salvation Army’s controversial proposal to build a large institutional shelter in Vanier Friday, after a three-day-long meeting, but it may be just the fi
Most entrepreneurs start developing business plans, prototyping a product or selling  services from a home office or even a coffee shop.