William Crossland

Cleantech firm Thermal Energy International continues to score lucrative contracts
A cleantech project for a new client in the dairy industry has Ottawa’s Thermal Energy International milking some recently acquired technology for all it’s worth
The local cleantech firm is taking its heat recovery products to a new subsector of the food and beverage industry through a multimillion-dollar deal
In a letter to shareholders, CEO William Crossland expressed both his gratitude and his confidence with the Ottawa firm’s recent performance
Buoyed by strong sales of its heat recovery systems, Ottawa’s Thermal Energy International posted record revenues of more than $17 million in fiscal 2018
Clean-tech firm reports revenues of $3.2 million for three-month period ending Feb. 28, 2018.
Thermal Energy’s FLU-ACE heat recovery systems are fuelling the growth. Revenues from that segment are up 132 per cent year-over-year in the first half of fiscal 2018.
A spate of new contracts in fiscal 2017 have added some steam to Ottawa clean-tech firm Thermal Energy International’s balance sheet, pushing revenues to a record high.
Despite relatively flat revenues, Ottawa’s Thermal Energy International Inc.
A repeat purchase from a health care customer pushed shares of Ottawa clean-tech firm Thermal Energy (