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As a nation that depends on exports for much of our prosperity, the renegotiation of NAFTA is critically important to our economy.
Accusations largely confirmed the worst-case scenarios the government had for the G7 summit in Quebec.
As one week packed with major economic and political developments comes to a close, another begins for the Trudeau government.
President Trump said the days of the U.S. being taken advantage of in trade deals "are over."
“[T]rade wars are good, and easy to win” says a tweet from President Trump. Recent developments between the US and China put this to the test. 
Canada appears to have dodged a protectionist bullet, as one of only two countries to receive a provisional exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs set to rip into America's trading relationships…
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke by phone with President Donald Trump on a day the United States revealed it might use the threat of tariffs as a negotiating tactic to force a quick NAFTA deal.
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland described the idea of tariffs on Canada as "absolutely unacceptable."
During a lengthy session with reporters, Trump complained about countries considered allies of the U.S.
Facing scores of his fellow Republicans publicly pleading with him not to cancel NAFTA, U.S. President Donald Trump refrained from his oft-stated threat to scrap the continental pact while promising…