Fastest Growing Companies

The irony in Lightship Security’s back story is not lost on Jason Lawlor.
Three years ago, Joe Hickey was in the midst of an impressive career in engineering and sales that had included a stint as Nortel’s youngest vice-president.
Ottawa Business Journal is once again looking for local businesses that are on the fast track to higher revenues.
The founders of Lightenco don’t want any of the credit for the company’s growth. That goes to their spouses, says Ray del Cojo.
An ever-expanding web of government red tape isn’t usually thought of as a strong catalyst for business growth.
An Ottawa tech firm has shaken the foundations of the concrete and construction industries, bringing an age-old sector into the modern era with the latest developments in the Internet of
When Alex Hebert and Ian O’Halloran were looking to start a business in 2013, they were in search of a traditional brick-and-mortar sector they could bring to the web and scale up.
When it comes to his thriving business career, David DiNardo credits much of his success to his former life as a competitive soccer player. 
His firm’s cutting-edge video surveillance software has captured the attention of high-profile investors and an expanding base of customers, but Solink CEO Mike Matta is not about to rest
When Darren Anthony, Kristian Firth and Caleb White met up for beers after work one day in the spring of 2015, it was more than just a casual get-together for the former colleagues in the