Telus Corp. acknowledged that the deployment of its 5G wireless network could be delayed and be more expensive than anticipated if Ottawa chooses to ban Huawei tech
Ottawa Tourism is pressing pause on new efforts to attract and cater to Chinese tourists in light of strained relations between the Asian country and Canada
Ten years ago, Ottawa –and indeed, Canada's telecom sector at large – changed forever when Nortel Networks filed for bankruptcy protection
Allowing Chinese firm Huawei Technologies to help build Canada's 5G wireless networks could give Beijing backdoor access to revealing data about Canadians, security analysts warn
The bail came with harsh restrictions to prevent Meng Wanzhou from fleeing before her next court appearance
As Huawei’s Canadian operations come under increasing scrutiny amid an international brouhaha, the Chinese firm’s Ottawa-based research partners are adopting a holding pattern until the political…
Before the arrest of Huawei Technologies' chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver last weekend, the Chinese company wasn't a household name in Canada – certainly not in the leag
Meng Wanzhou is a well-known businessperson in her native China, making the international political situation dicey for Canada, experts say
Huawei’s global sales continued to climb in the first half of the year even as concerns about the smartphone maker’s links to the Chinese government permeated security discussions around the world
Kanata-based division of Chinese telecom giant says it works ‘openly and transparently’ with Canadian operators and the federal government