Canadian Federation of Independent Business

The pressure is on for small businesses that are grappling with high inflation and facing increased interest rates for loan repayments, Ottawa accountant says. 
Telus Corp. is trying to add a 1.5 per cent processing fee for customers who use a credit card after a class action settlement cleared the way for merchants to add the surcharge starting this fall.
Business supports were excessive and show the outsized influence of business groups on public policy, economists say.
 A Friday outage from Rogers Communications Inc. resulted in some small businesses losing thousands of dollars, which they fear the telecommunications giant won't fully compensate them for.
The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says record gas prices, supply chain snarls and labour shortages have pushed the cost of doing business through the roof.
The hiring incentive and two other programs aimed at hard-hit businesses are scheduled to expire in early May.
A new survey by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters found nine out of 10 companies in the sector are grappling with supply chain issues.
Canadian Federation of Independent Business boss Dan Kelly says expected rate hikes will pack a wallop for retailers, restaurants and other mainstreet enterprises in a couple of key ways.
Downtown merchants say they've spent the past 13 days weighing the benefits of bringing in whatever revenue they can against concerns for employee and customer comfort and safety.
Ontario Chamber of Commerce CEO said now that the province has said schools will return on Monday, it's time to provide clarity for businesses.