Michael Gaffney

Leonovus says it’s in a stronger financial position thanks to investors exercising a crop of warrants in recent months
A major push in hiring and R&D over the course of 2018 have set Leonovus up to record revenues for the first time in years heading into 2019
The Ottawa-based firm said in a release that it had converted a 10-month proof-of-concept project with a large, unnamed financial institution into a contract
Local blockchain tech firm will hold an initial coin offering to raise funds for project.
"We’re on the right track now. We’ve taken the pieces that were broken and fixed them.”
In a deal expected to add $4 million in annual revenue, Ottawa’s In-Touch Survey Systems announced Thursday it had acquired Montreal-based customer experience measurement firm Statopex.
Calling itself the world’s first privacy marketing platform, Dodoname launched Tuesday in open beta.