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Country's largest police force testing InnovaTools' clear plastic PPE as part of federal R&D program.
Variation Biotechnologies is working with the National Research Council to create a vaccine that would target the novel coronavirus as well as other deadly viruses.
The federal government is investing $85 million into a local company’s advanced satellite technology designed to expand access to affordable, high-speed internet across Canada's rural and remote…
Huawei Canada will be getting a piece of the US$2 billion that its global Chinese parent will spend over five years to hire more software engineers to make its equipment more secure, resi
The federal government's big-ticket efforts to support high-growth tech firms are offering little for emerging companies that have already outgrown the fledgling startup phase, according
Tech leaders are challenging the federal Liberal government to get serious about reaping the rewards of one of the next big frontiers in the information revolution: big data.
The federal government will give $700 million over the next five years to the Business Development Bank of Canada in a bid to grow Canada's clean technology industry.
With nearly $1 billion in funding at stake, the country’s economic development minister travelled Wednesday to one of Ottawa’s top tech firms to unveil details about how businesses can access the c
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Canada is investing in a new tool for the International Space Station that will help astronauts take a closer look at the many dings and dents all over its hull.