In designing the rover concept, MDA will lean on the former Neptec Design Group, the Kanata-based robotics and vision firm that it acquired earlier this year in a $42-million deal
A new commercial market has formed around maintaining our existing space infrastructure, a sector that MDA and Neptec are actively pursuing.
The Ottawa company is nearly 30 years old and has some 100 employees in Kanata and the U.K.
Contracts will fund the development of a miniature 3D camera that could enable a rover to navigate autonomously on the moon and Mars.
The Canadian Space Agency has tapped Neptec, a local developer of intelligent space flight sensors and equipment, to deliver a new set of eyes to the International Space Station.
Almost exactly one year ago, we published an article asking the question, “Can Ottawa be an autonomous vehicle hub?” Today, with Ford’s announcement that it would be investing $337.9 million to build…
Canada is investing in a new tool for the International Space Station that will help astronauts take a closer look at the many dings and dents all over its hull.