Canadian Space Agency

Six-year-old startup's revenues continue to skyrocket as it works with some of the international space industry's leading firms.
The three-year contract is valued at about $16 million, with options for an additional two years.
A pair of Ottawa space tech companies collectively secured nearly $1 million in fresh funding this week from the Canadian Space Agency to add some rocket fuel to their R&D efforts.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday that Canada will be a partner in a NASA-led project to establish an outpost for lunar exploration.
The Canadian Space Agency will look to some Kanata-based expertise in the design of a new lunar rover for the next generation of moon missions.
With an eye on future lunar exploration, Canada's space agency is calling on companies to present their ideas for everything from moon-rover power systems to innovative mineral prospectin
The Canadian Space Agency has tapped Neptec, a local developer of intelligent space flight sensors and equipment, to deliver a new set of eyes to the International Space Station.
Canada is investing in a new tool for the International Space Station that will help astronauts take a closer look at the many dings and dents all over its hull.
The Canadian Space Agency has awarded communications giant MDA two contracts to assess possible Canadian contributions to future space missions beyond low-Earth orbit.