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Central bank holds overnight rate target at 0.25%, which is where it will stay until the economy has recovered.
Central bank holds key interest rate at 0.25%
Outlook is less rosy than those the Trudeau Liberals relied on in their economic update released a week ago.
The Bank of Canada is cutting its key interest target by half a percentage point to 0.25 per cent in an unscheduled rate announcement
The Bank of Canada is cutting its key interest rate target by half of a percentage point, dropping it to 1.25 per cent in response to the economic shock from the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Central bank predicts Canadian economy will grow by 1.6% this year, slightly lower than its projection in October.
Deputy Governor Timothy Lane will discuss the bank’s interest rate decision at Thursday morning’s Local Breakfast Series, hosted by the Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Board of Trade
The Bank of Canada kept its key interest rate on hold Wednesday to position the country as an exception among advanced economies that have already started responding to a fading global economy.
The Bank of Canada is holding steady on interest rates as it gauges the extent of the damage that deepening trade conflicts have had on the domestic and global economies
The Bank of Canada left its key interest rate steady Wednesday as it looked to balance mounting evidence of a domestic economic pickup against the expanding risks of international trade c