Huawei Canada

Huawei has a major research and development centre for 5G and 6G technology in the National Capital Region, where several hundred people work at its Kanata-based research facility.
Political drumbeats are growing louder as the federal Liberals come closer to deciding whether to let a Chinese telecom firm help build Canada's next-generation mobile networks
Huawei Canada says it has received federal approval to work with a northern telecom company and an Inuit development corporation to extend high-speed 4G wireless services to 70 communities in the…
Huawei Canada will be getting a piece of the US$2 billion that its global Chinese parent will spend over five years to hire more software engineers to make its equipment more secure, resi
A locally based senior Huawei Canada executive is leaving the Chinese tech company as it faces growing problems around the world.
Chinese officials are demanding that Canada release Huawei Technologies' chief financial officer, who was arrested in Vancouver over the weekend and faces possible extradition to the Unit