Life sciences firm produces supplements aimed at replacing antibiotics in cattle feed.
Fortified by $7.5 million in fresh funding, company is hoping a new version of its flagship product designed for people will help it finally achieve a market breakthrough.
An Ottawa-based firm that has landed millions of dollars in funding to develop an alternative to antibiotic-based livestock feed has begun trading on a U.S. stock exchange
An Ottawa-based company is refilling its trough of funding as it develops an alternative to antibiotic-based livestock feed
Local biotech firm Avivagen hit a snag in revenues this past quarter even as the firm continues to secure regulatory approvals for its alternative to antibiotic-based livestock feed
An Ottawa-based biotech firm that makes a line of natural health products designed to replace antibiotics in livestock feed has announced a multimillion-dollar funding round it says will
Avivagen CEO Cameron Groome was sounding an upbeat tone Friday morning after his company announced it had secured $3.6 million in new funding in a private placement.