Canada Science and Technology Museums

Under the new offering, corporate partners are given access to the museums’ spaces to hold collaborative meetings, off-site retreats, team-building sessions or industry conferences.
The new partnership officially launched today with the opening of The Collective/Le Collectif, a new onsite café at the science and technology museum.
For 50 years, Locomotive 6400 has been an iconic symbol of a bygone era in Canadian transportation for visitors to the Canada Science and Technology Museum.
When Christina Tessier started her new job as head of the Canada Science and Technology Museum
Hundreds of guests flock to see new exhibits and changes made to national museum
Local companies including SimWave and Lumbec will be showcasing their work when museum reopens Nov. 17.
The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corp.
For event planners considering where to hold their next conference, tourism officials in Ottawa have a simple message: Be here for Canada’s big year.
By Alex Abdelwahab The trains are back.
After years of preparation and planning, Ottawa is ready to host the world for Canada’s 150th birthday.