Shared Services Canada

Seven-year agreement covers network-based workplace communication services, including VoIP telephone, instant messaging and desktop videoconferencing tools.
Government opens up approved cellphones to include some Samsung and Apple models
A security breach at Statistics Canada's main website prompted the government to shut down a number of services over the
The recent concerns and undeniable failures with large government IT projects could actually prove beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises in Ottawa.
In the shadow of the federal election, more than 4,000 people are expected to converge on the Shaw Centre for the GTEC conference and exhibition this week.
The chief operating officer of Shared Services Canada will deliver a keynote address on the second day of GTEC2015, event organizers announced Thursday.
Government adoption of new technologies will mean big opportunities for business, according to  Shawn Cruise country manager at Adobe Systems and the company’s area vice-president for the public se