Firm’s operating system will power sensors and cameras in semi-autonomous electric vehicles from Canoo, a California-based startup.
Ottawa e-commerce firm is reporting US$36 million in profits in the second quarter as it reaped the benefits of COVID-19 lockdowns.
I Quit will premiere on the Discovery Channel on Aug. 18.
Ottawa firm recently landed $7 million in fresh funding from longtime investor Roadmap Capital following an $11-million round last November.
Fledgling firm Realize Medical is partnering with software powerhouse Logitech as it prepares to pitch its product to hospitals and universities.
Flexibility needed as workplaces reopen to employees
A growing number of local tech execs say they’re looking at options such as four-day weeks in a bid to help employees maintain better work-life balance.
CMC Microsystems will receive $18.3 million over the next three years through the Canada Foundation for Innovation and its Major Science Initiatives fund.
Local company on “grandiose mission” to mass-produce technology that will charge electric vehicles in the same time it takes to fill up a tank of gas.
MindBridge Ai, Ranovus and You.i TV have been named to take part in program based at Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District.