Internet of Things

A made-in-Ottawa Internet of Things device will work alongside one of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence systems in an attempt to minimize worksite hazards
One of Ottawa’s hottest tech firms announced Monday that it’s bringing one of the city’s most vaunted tech executives back into the game to lead the company’s scaling efforts
The local IoT firm’s sensors are attracting big-name customers in search of the best ROI on real estate.
Walter Knitl, principal consultant at Praxiem and co-founder of IoT613, argues that Ottawa has a role to play in the emerging world of IoT
For building owners, up-front capital expenditures translate into a larger return on investment down the road.
As our world grows ever more connected, important questions arise about cybersecurity and how we operate on a day-to-day basis.
As part of the emerging industrial Internet of Things sector, Sciemetric delivers data measurement and analytics, primarily for large manufacturers such as Ford Motors, John Deere, Honda and Hewlett-…
Network of vehicle identification technologies are designed to improve the efficiency of commercial vehicle traffic.
Hoping to soften the blow of a slow first quarter, Ottawa-based WiLAN announced another acquisition this week, one that moves the patent licensing firm further into the Industrial Internet of Things…
Intellectual property firm changing name to Quarterhill