Rogers Communications

Trade, manufacturing and retail numbers are expected this week alongside earnings from CP Rail and Rogers Communications
The wireless, cable, internet and media company's net profit was $425M, up 37%.
New networks probably won't to be ready for ‘prime time’ until about 2020
Both companies said the price adjustments help fund improvements in the reach and capabilities of their networks.
Prominent members of Canada's entertainment industry are calling for a new federal agency to locate and shut down websites that are portals for illegally obtained video and audio content.
The head of CIRA – the Ottawa-based organization that registers and manages the dot-ca domain names – said Thursday's vote will "chip away'' at a key pillar of the internet: equal treatment for all…
New CRTC regulations on mobile phone contracts come into effect and four other stories to watch for in the Canadian business world this week.
"Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables search engines to work in your business’ favour.
Businesses find it hard to innovate when they’re at the top of their game. Why fix what isn’t broken?
Ottawa-based digital strategist Erin Blaskie started her first business when she was 21.