Techopia takes a closer look at some of the coolest prototypes to come out of MadeMill’s first year in operation.
'If you can’t show it, nobody’s going to buy it.'
CEO Tobi Lütke said the AR view badge would now be regarded as “the most powerful icon in online retail.”
When in an airplane, soaring at 30,000 feet and watching a video on your phone, most people avoid thinking about the many tiny pieces keeping the craft aloft or of the different molecules that are…
This week, Techopia Live called on some of Ottawa’s largest tech firms to tackle an issue bigger than tech: Me Too and sexual harassment in the workplace
Twenty-two Ottawa firms made it on the annual rankings of Canada's fastest-growing firms, four more than last year
The new office will give Foko feet on the ground in catering to its clients across Europe, where the firm says it's seeing strong demand
As one of Canada’s fastest-growing cannabis companies, HEXO is well-versed in standing out from the crowd.
The Ottawa company’s tech will enable rapid data transfers on a British firm’s platform that manages cryptocurrencies and other digital assets
Listing is the latest milestone for the local telecom firm, which is backed by Ottawa tech titan Terry Matthews.