Landsdowne Park

For event planners considering where to hold their next conference, tourism officials in Ottawa have a simple message: Be here for Canada’s big year.
Montreal-based developer Canderel received support from Ottawa’s planning committee on Tuesday to construct a new eight-
Regardless of what happened on the field Sunday night, the Grey Cup was destined for Ottawa in 2017.  
Business owners in the Glebe and Ottawa hoteliers say they’re expecting to see a boost to their businesses when the nation’s capital hosts the Grey Cup in 2017.  
The City of Ottawa now expects to get a share of the profits from the Lansdowne Park project, just months after it appeared the city would see no cash returns on its investment in the redev
The Sens aren’t hopping on board a city plan to roll transit into the price of hockey and event tickets.
Ottawa city councillors want to revamp the ByWard and Parkdale markets, starting with a $1-million overhaul of the George Street Plaza.
A $23.6-million settlement for Lansdowne Park roof repairs is “very fair,” despite the fact that the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group will be footing the bill, according to a private
The city’s auditor general says he will audit how the city managed its Lansdowne contract with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group next year, three days after the city announced it won’
In 2004-05, an average of 9,231 people attended Ottawa 67’s games at the old Civic Centre.