Ottawa’s Merkburn Holdings celebrates 50 years in business

From left: Merkburn Holdings managing partner Kevin Rougeau, Deputy Mayor of Ottawa Laura Dudas, Mekrkburn Holdings co-founder William Burnside and managing partner Peter Dooher. All photos by Matt Stewart

Friends, family and colleagues gathered at the National Arts Centre Friday to celebrate a milestone for one of Ottawa’s long-standing commercial real estate firms as Merkburn Holdings celebrated five decades of success.

Merkburn launched from William Burnside and Cameron Merkley back in 1969 with Frank Dooher joining later as a partner. The firm started its local portfolio with a small crop of industrial buildings out on Liverpool Court.

Today, with managing partners Peter Dooher and Kevin Rougeau at the helm, Merkburn now owns nearly one million square feet of space across the National Capital Region, with some property in the United States to boot.

We’ve gathered a few shots from inside the anniversary celebrations marking Merkburn’s 50th year below.

Jim Orban speaks at Merkburn Holdings' 50th anniversary party.
Managing partner Peter Dooher speaks at Merkburn Holdings' 50th anniversary party.
Merkburn Holdings' co-founder William Burnside
Managing partner Kevin Rougeau speaks at Merkburn Holdings' 50th anniversary party
From left: Jeff Button, Jennifer Button, Will Bain and Heather Gordon
From left: Alan Doak, David and Sonja Schoeter, Nick and Vivian Maiorino
Merkburn Holdings leasing officer Marlene Piitz (left) with Shelley Dooher, Claud Patry and Lee Boyd
Ron Milligan (left) and Kelvin Holmes
From left: Gaye Moffett, Deedee and Garth Roscoe, Lynne Burnside, John and Betsy Birrell
From left: Libby Struben, Geoff Godding, Paul Bennett and Pierre Benoit
From left: Mary Dooher, Colett Kenney and Anne Moran
From left: Kevin Rougeau, William Burnside and Peter Dooher.