MindBridge CEO Fathi, University of Ottawa profs join feds’ AI advisory council


Members of Ottawa’s tech and academic communities will guide the federal government in shaping policy decisions around artificial intelligence.

The federal government announced Tuesday that it is creating a new advisory council to give input on how Canada can capitalize on its existing AI strengths and identify economic opportunities in the burgeoning field.

Eli Fathi, CEO of Ottawa-based audit software developer MindBridge AI, is among the council members. Among Fathi’s goals in recent years has been putting Ottawa and Canada at large on the map when it comes to AI development – the Impact AI conference, which will have its second iteration in a few weeks at Algonquin College, is part of his effort to do so.

Joining Fathi from the National Capital Region are two professors from the University of Ottawa: Ian Kerr, the Canada Research Chair in ethics, law and technology, and Teresa Scassa, the CRC in information law and policy.

Ottawa’s participants will be in good company on the council, which is chaired by Yoshua Bengio and includes Geoffrey Hinton – two Canadians who won the Turing Prize last year for their work in deep learning and are widely considered global leaders in AI.