Sum compares to a deficit of $11 billion in the same period a year earlier.
Survey suggests the average small business owner has accrued $170,000 in debt, with businesses in the hospitality, recreation and service sectors most indebted.
Investment highlights how COVID-19 and the increasing prevalence of remote work are changing residential and commercial patterns across Canada.
The growing co-operation between the two countries comes as Facebook backed down on a ban it introduced last week that prevented Australians from viewing and sharing news on its platform.
Canadian bank leaders will likely give analysts insight on how the economy is recovering in different sectors, such as mortgage borrowing, credit card spending and small business loans.
The longer price weaknesses prevail across the country, the longer interest rates are likely to stay low
Mississauga-based Aegis Brands didn't disclose Second Cup's sale price but said it includes $14 million in cash, plus a post-closing earn-out.
Pandemic is making continuity and high performance more important.
'That's going to be hundreds of dollars of new CPP premiums out of paycheques of middle-income Canadians'
The pandemic has affected wine exports in all international markets.