Scale of the job action will depend in part on how talks go in the coming days
The dramatic legal and policy shift also has implications for many other facets of Canadian society, ranging from law enforcement and testing for cannabis-impaired drivers to corporate policies…
More than half of Canadian homeowners recently surveyed say they would be less likely to consider a property if they knew cannabis had been grown inside, according to a poll released Tuesday.
The end of cannabis prohibition, new inflation figures and a fresh Bank of Canada outlook are among the stories expected to make headlines in the days ahead.
WestJet is battling with Air Canada on several fronts.
Canada's massive geography and low population density help keep airline prices high, but even a small reduction in taxes and fees could make a big difference for travellers, report author says.
Working in Canada's legal pot industry won't deprive you of a Disney World holiday but the U.S.
For commercial REALTOR®️ Geoff Godding, the reason for joining the Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB) was simple – it boosted his business.
Among the issues being debated was a common definition of "safety sensitive" jobs, which determines the employees that can be subjected to drug testing
Homeowner groups need to quickly establish rules for marijuana growing and consumption in an effort to nip any problems in the bud, say lawyers who specialize in property law