After nearly a decade and a half in business, Versature has decided that an acquisition is the best way to scale.
An Ottawa company that provides specimen tracking software for some of the largest DNA labs in North America has landed its first international customer, Algeria’s national police force
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Chief executive Kevin Ford was in a celebratory mood Wednesday evening, calling Calian's new offices a 'big milestone.'
The warehouse requires its own wastewater treatment facility because of its distance from central Ottawa
Martello Technologies CEO John Proctor tells OBJ there's already another acquisition in the pipeline
Intouch makes subscription-based software that uses artificial intelligence to help retailers and other business track how well they’re interacting with their customers.
An Ottawa company that develops mobile communications satellite systems has inked a five-year contract with one of its reselling partners that could be worth up to US$2 million.
The firm’s 30 employees, most of whom are in engineering roles, are expected to remain in Ottawa
Both firms have a sizable presence in Ottawa.