Alphawave IP says new March Road facility will employ 100-plus workers by the end of the year and could become the rapidly growing company’s main Canadian R&D hub.
Kanata North Business Association says development could play a key part in the tech park’s “necessary transformation” into a mixed-use district with vibrant commercial and residential components.
Telecom giant said it’s installing the same technology that helps power internet traffic for service providers such as Bell and Telus at Algonquin’s Optophotonics Lab.
Kanata North’s largest business advocacy group said Thursday it is postponing its annual career fair and tech expo in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak
Martello, SnowM among local firms leveraging next-gen networking tech developed by telecom giants
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Fifteen years ago this month, fall brought a blast of chilly news through the halls of what was then Ottawa’s largest technology company.