Karen Brownrigg

People think this so-called quiet quitter phenomenon is something new. It’s not. People have been quietly quitting their absent leaders for decades.  
Human resources consultant Karen Brownrigg argues that the lack of in-person contact may end up harming a young person’s career if not properly managed.
We are seeing a significant new problem in workplaces after COVID and, if it is not addressed quickly, companies are going to fall behind, and fast.
It’s only been a few weeks since we were all given permission to take our masks off, but in our COVID world things change very quickly.  
Two prominent Ottawa HR experts tell OBJ that adapting to the new world of work is an elephant that has to be eaten one bite at a time.
Can you believe that after two years of this pandemic, we seem to collectively agree on something? The way we work has changed forever. 
As the shift to remote work has accelerated, it’s become more important than ever for employers to communicate with staff in a “clear, authentic way,” Talent Summit panellists said.