Keynote Search

It’s the first appearance on the list for Noibu, which placed second in OBJ’s fastest-growing companies competition earlier this year.
The rising risk of a recession could give bosses the leverage they need to get their remote workforce back into the office, says the head of an Ottawa-based executive search firm.
“It’s somewhat of a similar role to what I was doing at Keynote but it’s on a bit of a larger scale because the company is quite a bit bigger," said Turk.
A tour was one of the highlights of the Canada Defence Briefing event that brought the Ottawa defence community together to demystify the complexities around Canada’s defence procurement programs.
Startup that provides just-in-time delivery services also topped OBJ's list of fastest-growing firms earlier this year and was of 28 local companies in the Globe rankings.
Monday's event hosted by OBJ and the Ottawa Board of Trade attracted a sold-out contingent of 144 golfers.