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Executives from the retail, live music, hospitality and tech sectors weighed in on their top priorities for the city's next group of elected officials during a lively panel discussion.
The return of the country's largest outdoor music festival infuses life back into the downtown core.
"I think we're still embarrassed to admit how profoundly the pandemic has negatively affected mental health and driven people into addictions and other forms of crisis."
Launched in late February, the crowdfunding effort had set a goal of raising $37,000 in 37 days to celebrate the 37th anniversary of “Ottawa’s legendary home of live music.”
It’s like the Rainbow Bistro found its pot of gold when a group of savvy businessmen, motivated by their love of music, banded together to save the music hall from closing last year.
Owner Geoff Cass plans to host open-stage nights, jam sessions, family-friendly gatherings and evening shows featuring performances by folk and Americana artists at the new site in Old Ottawa South.
The Rainbow Bistro has been thrown a $50,000 lifeline by some blues-loving business executives.
Merchants welcome influx of visitors to historic fort town
The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition is partnering with businesses to kickstart the local industry
Local musician has been performing from home throughout pandemic to entertain public, support nonprofit groups.