Techopia Live

Before autonomous vehicles were being built in our own backyards, people would turn to Hollywood to inform our ideas of what a self-driving car can be: Night Rider’s Kit was exchanging witty banter
In this week’s season premiere, Techopia Live turned its camera on a company that’s itself quite familiar with lenses and sensors.
Hold on to your hats: Ottawa-based MDS Aero Support dropped by for this week’s edition of Techopia Live, where vice-president of busine
In response to debates raging across Canada about whether we have a brain drain – a flood of skilled workers leaving the country – or the reverse, a “brain gain,”
Strapped with government funding, Ottawa’s Crypto4A dropped by Techopia Live this week to talk about what exactly cryptography means for
You can’t build a global company for 18 years without one eye focused on the future – or in the case of Ottawa’s March Networks, one len
Techopia Live had the scoop this week on the summer’s hottest conferences and programs for founders young and old.
Stepping in front of the camera this week on Techopia Live was a member of Ottawa’s own imaging experts – Lumenera.
Techopia Live joined hundreds of Ottawa business leaders at L-Spark’s Female Founders
From the Momentum Law offices at 555 Legget Dr., founder Megan Cornell has a great view of the technology firms in the research park.