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Techopia Live got a crash course in business fundamentals this week from Contextere, an Ottawa firm working with the likes of Lockheed Martin and BMW on an artificial intelligence solutio
There’s no use making a prediction if you can’t back it up.
Before signing off for the year, Techopia Live assembled a panel to share the highlights from the year in tech that was and give predictions on what 2019 might have in store.
If you were at the Shaw Centre this week for SaaS North – the annual gathering of software-as-a-service companies and entrepreneurs in Ottawa – you may have seen
While $130-million venture-capital rounds are no doubt exciting for any tech firm, the prospect of scaling a company that rapidly can be daunting.
In the midst of his quest to ensure content creators get a fair shake for their work, Pat McGowan stopped by Techopia Live this week to share how his company BlackBox is hoping to change the media
A well-funded Ottawa startup is turning to a local post-secondary institution for R&D support in hopes of turning a tiny powder into a big win.
This week Techopia Live sat down with one of Ottawa’s newest chief executives, Greg Evans, to hear about his vision for the future of PageCloud.
Before autonomous vehicles were being built in our own backyards, people would turn to Hollywood to inform our ideas of what a self-driving car can be: Night Rider’s Kit was exchanging witty banter
In this week’s season premiere, Techopia Live turned its camera on a company that’s itself quite familiar with lenses and sensors.