Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

While construction slowed down on the Gatineau side of the Ottawa River, with the number of new starts falling to 132 from 151 the previous June, builders in Ottawa picked up the pace.
Federal housing agency says growth was driven by increases in both the value and volume of uninsured mortgages for property buying and refinancings.
Builder known for its environmentally friendly projects wants to construct three buildings with a total of 510 residential suites near the northwest corner of Richmond Road and the SJAM Parkway. 
Last year’s biggest locally based revenue gainer, e-commerce powerhouse Shopify, lost that title to the Royal Canadian Mint, which saw its revenues soar 73.9 per cent to $2.5 billion in 2021.
Homebuilders started work on 1,315 new dwelling units in Ottawa-Gatineau in April, down from 1,718 starts in the same month in 2021.
This amount is complemented by $740,000 for fee and development charge waivers from the City of Ottawa and $4 million in Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative funding.
Multi-unit starts on the Quebec side of the river dropped from 547 in April 2021 to just 163 last month, a decline of 70 per cent.
Builders began work on more than 10,000 new housing units in the capital last year – but that flurry of new construction still wasn’t enough to keep up with city's population growth, agency says.
Rising interest rates and job uncertainty will combine to cool down Ottawa’s red-hot home resale market a few degrees in 2022 – but not enough to put the brakes on price hikes, agency says.
There were 521 new builds launched on the Quebec side of the river last month, up from 182 a year ago, CMHC said Tuesday.