Ottawa biotech startup has raised $7.5 million in fresh funding as it looks to capitalize what it says is the continued need for "a decentralized, laboratory-quality" test kit.
Former Pythian president Keith Millar now heads CryoStasis, a fledgling startup whose technology aims to make organ transplants and stem-cell research more viable.
Ottawa firm that's pioneering a process of regrowing spinal cord tissue and other body parts using plant-based materials has attracted big-name investors to boost its R&D efforts.
Ottawa startup announced this week it’s landed $400,000 in federal government funding to help the National Research Council of Canada develop a gene therapy to treat lipoprotein lipase deficiency.
Ottawa firm inks deal to help Oxford Biomedica improve the yield and production efficiency of its next-generation gene therapies.
Company's revenues have more than doubled in the past year, and CEO expects headcount to grow from 16 to at least 30 by next year as demand for its products ramps up.
Multimillionaire Gatineau businessman Olivier Benloulou has become a significant investor and trusted adviser as young firm looks to crack retail market in 2022.
Local biotech firm's groundbreaking platform is used by medical researchers around the world to create 3D images of hearts, knees and other body parts.
Local firm's system uses a concept called fogponics, a technique pioneered by NASA that nourishes plants with nutrient-enriched water vapour.
Company announced this week that Health Canada has given the green light to its device for emergency use, meaning labs now have access to the spit kit for COVID-19 testing.