Darren Fleming

Real Strategy Advisors is cautiously optimistic that the vast majority of executives we speak with are in favour of an eventual return to the physical office in some form. 
New publication combines commercial real estate market trends with insight on best practices for workplace strategy and how to create amazing office cultures.
'Spectacular' downtown office could help nurture a new generation of tech firms if they choose to replace the e-commerce giant in Performance Court, veteran broker says.
More firms are looking to shed real estate as they rethink what the traditional office space might look like in a post-pandemic world, experts say.
The top three things to remember when negotiating rent relief due to COVID-19
Commercial real estate executives say many employees’ enthusiasm for remote work is wearing thin and that most companies feel the advantages of face-to-face interaction far outweigh the risks of…
As cubicle farms and enclosed offices dissolved into unassigned seating areas and shared workstations over the past decade, employers looked to usher in a new era of workplace collaboration