Tobias Lütke

Lütke said many U.S. firms poach this country's top talent, causing salaries to increase and making it difficult for smaller Canadian companies to compete.
CEO Tobi Lütke says the e-commerce giant will draw the line at items that cause harm
Ottawa CEOs have previously taken a stance on getting the federal government focused on building Canadian successes.
Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and international accessibility are all parts of the firm’s vision for the ‘future of commerce’
Two Ottawa artificial intelligence firms announced separate funding rounds this week, raising a combined $14.5 million and elevating the capital’s AI profile.
CEO Tobi Lütke expressed rare frustration with analysts who he perceives to be in search of, as he put it, Shopify’s “Achilles’ heel.”
CEO Lütke says attacker needs to ‘get the ... facts right’
Shopify’s Tobi Lütke and Cody Fauser are contributing to the round, as well as Med-Eng co-founder Richard L’Abbé.
The federal government is hoping to capture a bit of Shopify’s magic.
Even though it was Halloween, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke was not spooked by a “short-selling troll” as he defended the firm against what he called “preposterous claims” during its quarterly earnings call…