Ontario Chamber of Commerce

With provincial election looming, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce is also calling for “bold action" to remove barriers to interprovincial trade and make it easier to procure public-sector contracts.
Mask mandates remain in place in Ontario, but businesses like gyms, cinemas and restaurants no longer need to check patrons' vaccination status as of Tuesday. 
Ontario Chamber of Commerce CEO said now that the province has said schools will return on Monday, it's time to provide clarity for businesses.
Local SMEs with 150 or fewer employees will be eligible to receive the devices, which deliver results within 15 minutes.
Any local business with 150 or fewer employees will be eligible to receive the tests through the Ottawa Board of Trade.
Three of the city’s largest business organizations have joined a campaign seeking to pre-emptively scuttle changes to the province’s labour laws.
With nearly 98 per cent of Canadian businesses employing fewer than 100 people, it’s not hard to see why SMEs are the driving force behind the economy, contributing more than half of the country’s
Ottawa’s Valydate was handed the Ontario Going Global, Small Business Award earlier this week at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce 2015 Ontario Business Achievement Awards.