Hexo is entering a $65-million credit loan facility with two major Canadian banks, giving the local pot producer extra green to finance its expansions at home and in Ontario.
Gatineau pot producer Hexo (
In preparation for its listing this week on an American stock exchange, Hexo (
One of the National Capital Region’s fastest-growing cannabis producers is headed to an American stock exchange to fuel its expansions.
News that Molson Coors expects to bring cannabis-infused beverages to the Canadian market as early as next year sent shares of Gatineau-based marijuana producer Hexo – the brewing giant’s
Gatineau-based Hexo increased its fourth-quarter revenues 64 per cent year-over-year in the months leading up to the legalization of recreational cannabis across Canada.
A slew of expansion announcements and fresh attention on Gatineau-based Hexo have driven the company’s share price up nearly 40 per cent in the three weeks following shareholder’s calls to explore