Being forced to hold meetings at nearby coffee shops because there’s no longer space inside the office can be a sign of success for rapidly growing firms.
Ottawa cabbies will finally get a glimpse of their future at a special meeting April 7.
The 7th Annual Help Kids Grow Up (HKGU) Charity Golf Tournament presented by GAL Power was held July 19th at the prestigious Eagle Creek Golf Club.
Many Ottawa residents feel they are better served by services such as Uber than they are by the traditional taxi industry, according to a policy option paper the city released Wednesday.
If Canada abandons the purchase of F-35 fighter jets it could have negative consequences for companies that currently supply components for the costly aircraft, the head of landing gear company Her
The cascading multibillion-dollar cost of the celebrated F-35 stealth aircraft has prompted the federal government to "hit the reset button" on its controversial effort to replace Canada's aging fi