National Access Cannabis

The firm will use the cash to build out its retail network across Canada over the next two years in a bid to become a dominant player in the country’s cannabis market.
As the pot industry’s need for skilled workers ramps up ahead of legalization, more and more schools are stepping up with training programs to fill the gap
NAC says it expects to have up to 70 cannabis retail locations open across western Canada by the end of the year
The coffee shop company says it has more than 130 locations across Ontario that it plans to leverage to enter the cannabis space
The buzz around Canada’s legal marijuana market has turned Ottawa’s NAC into a “bees’ nest of activity” – and the prospect of private pot retail in Ontario is only sweetening the local firm’s…
NAC is an Ottawa-based cannabis education firm pivoting into retail as legal recreational use comes into effect this fall.
As legalization nears, some local pot firms believe small-scale producers could parallel the branding successes of craft beer, while others worry regulations will smoke out the little guys.
The Ottawa company will apply for licenses to dispense cannabis products and work with Second Cup and applicable franchisees to construct NAC-branded stores carrying cannabis products.
Ottawa-based National Access Cannabis has acquired Cannabis Care Group, expanding its reach into the medical pot market and adding 40 Canadian pharmacies to its service channels.
As anticipation for legal recreational marijuana reaches new highs, one Ottawa cannabis company doesn’t want consumers – or investors – forgetting about the medical side.