Ottawa Real Estate Forum

The Ottawa Real Estate Show broadcast a series of interviews from this year's Ottawa Real Estate Forum covering office vacancy rates, the industrial market and development opportunities.
Top federal real estate official says he's 'highly supportive of a movement towards leasing,' rather than owning, office space.
The federal government’s office space modernization program is a “disaster,” according to its top real estate executive, who also suggested he was cool towards continuing to own, rather than lease,
The message hasn’t changed much as far as the federal government’s real estate portfolio is concerned, an assistant deputy minister told the sold out Ottawa Real Estate Forum Thursday.
Local landlords won’t know the full effect of federal downsizing efforts until at least 2020, one of the government’s top real estate officials said Thursday.
There appears to be a change of heart among top Public Works officials about discussing the federal government's office space needs in public.
Public Works property branch questions future public speeches