National Capital Region

Michael Potter has held many titles in his career: Chief executive, Philanthropist of the Year and even Honorary Colonel in the Royal Canadian Air Force.
Who are the city’s largest law firms? Top tourist attractions? Biggest craft brewers?
Local employers trimmed their payrolls in the final month of summer, although the number of people working in the National Capital Region is still near its all-time high, Statistics Canada reported
A private-sector group is proposing a new passenger railway for the Ottawa region. By Jacob Serebrin
In a basement testing facility near the Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, Jim Hill is helping to shape the future of air traffic control technology.
Clint Eland echoes a refrain familiar to many CEO in Ottawa’s high-tech sector these days: his office is bursting at the seams and he says he couldn’t find enough skilled workers to fill th
Energy Ottawa, an affiliate of Hydro Ottawa, doesn’t just keep the lights on for the residents in the Nation’s Capital; it’s always looking to do so in more
The importance of Canada’s innovation economy has quickly become a key priority for governments at all levels of office.
More waterfront access, a Confederation Square makeover and a tweak of the Rideau Street intersection in front of the old train station.
By Bruce Lazenby, President and CEO, Invest Ottawa