Conference Board of Canada

In its new two-year outlook, the think tank says it is not expecting an economic contraction in Canada, but the risks are creeping up.
Sector is “gaining momentum” thanks to a booming industrial market and a retail industry that’s roared back to life in recent months as pandemic restrictions have lifted, new report says.
A new survey by the Conference Board of Canada indicates consumer confidence decreased 11.7 points in May – the largest monthly drop since the pandemic's onset.
Experts say soaring fuel prices create a kind of inflationary domino effect, with climbing gas prices raising shipping costs and higher shipping costs hiking the price of goods.
In the United States, a record 4.3 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs last August. Similar trends have been seen elsewhere in the world, including in the U.K. and Germany.
Think-tank says the local economy "will not escape the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
The outsized influence of the federal government on the local economy means Ottawa will fare better than many other Canadian cities.
Ottawa and other major Ontario cities outside the Greater Toronto Area are failing to draw their fair share of immigrants and need to attract more newcomers if they want to maintain their quality of…
Buoyed by the pending arrival of light rail and more direct flights from the United States, Ottawa is expected to welcome 2.4 per cent more overnight visitors this year than it did in 201
A new report is predicting the Liberal government will soon come under pressure to curtail federal spending, putting a drag on the National Capital Region’s economic growth.