Electric vehicles

Exponential growth in electric vehicles leading to growing demand for battery recycling
Agreement will have a significant impact on the industry's supply chain, Trudeau said from Ford's connectivity and innovation centre in Kanata.
Landlord KRP Properties has highest concentration of charging stations in Ottawa-Gatineau
Does the road to faster-charging electric vehicles run through Ottawa?
It’s a modern take on the classic chicken-and-egg question: Which needs to come first – the electric car or the charger?
Sticker shock and a limited selection are two main factors that discourage more Canadians from buying an electric vehicle, a new survey of car sales representatives suggests – two issues
With automakers investing billions of dollars into electric vehicles, a revolution in how Canadians commute is on the horizon.
Hydro Ottawa has partnered with a Quebec-based company on a pilot project to install charging stations for electric vehicles at local residences.
Electric car maker Tesla Inc. calmed jittery investors Wednesday, assuring them it can meet aggressive production targets for its new lower-cost Model 3 sedan.
Provincial subsidies to encourage the use of electric vehicles are the most expensive, least effective way to help cut greenhouse gas emissions, the Montreal Economic Institute says in a